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This Giving Tuesday, Help Helpful Change the World!

Support volunteers combating the Covid-19 health crisis with innovative solutions.

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The world has never faced a crisis like COVID-19. Helpful Engineering was born as a direct response to the needs created by the pandemic. We develop and provide effective tech solutions that can be optimized for local needs.

As an open-source innovation and technology development community of thousands of volunteers around the globe, Helpful was the first to create and share instructions for a homemade mask to offer effective protection from the virus.
We then designed facial protection called the Origami Face Shield that can be locally manufactured on demand at a very low cost. Over a million of those shields have been manufactured and distributed to various medical centers around the US - from Columbia University Medical Center to Mt. Sinai Medical Center and the NYC Mayor’s Office.
We have over 40 projects in various stages of development, and with numerous projects approaching their final testing and prototyping phase, we need you to help us move forward! Please donate today!
We value donations of any size!