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HELPFUL needs your financial support.

Donate now towards so we may build the infrastructure and support needed human capabilities and capacity for a safe and prosperous tomorrow.

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We Are Engineering A Safe And Prosperous Tomorrow!

HELPFUL has attracted over 19,000 voluntary contributors across more than 32 nations to produce sustainable, innovative, and pragmatic engineering-driven solutions to challenges confronting humanity.

Along the way, we are transforming workforces and increasing our shared understanding of core human values and needs to engineer a safe and prosperous future.

We aspire to be a global Platform of Platforms for shared development and deliver of services across education, research, workforce, innovation, incubation, and acceleration for safe and efficacious needs-based solutions resulting in equitable and inclusive outcomes - new business starts.

We envision a global network of independent HELPFUL subsidiaries wholly owned by host nations, states, and municipalities that hold each other accountable to a single Mission, Vision, and Governance Model, with interoperable Management and Sustainability components.

Our solutions meet the needs and unique contextual and environmental considerations of those they look to serves. We design problems and solutions with all stakeholder perspectives in the room including individuals, populations, industries, sectors, and governmental needs.

The nonprofit was born as a pandemic disaster response; our current project portfolio represents real innovation addressing medical supply chain shortcomings. These are tangible medical countermeasures producers and users can make at low cost, anywhere in the world, with simple and widely available tools. Our solutions in this portfolio range from simple PPE to novel UVC protective devices, $10 disposable ventilators, oxygen concentrators, software that can identify challenges and engage available volunteer resources in real-time, and more.

Sandia National Labs, Nelson Labs, and the US Army have tested HELPFUL community innovation.

Successful projects have become stand-alone Not-For-Profit and Public Benefit Corporations in countries worldwide.