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Support Project Tetra and Project OpenVent Bristol!

Let’s join forces to help bring two COVID-19 treatment innovations to the finish line! Help us raise $3,050 and Public Invention will match the total donation up to that amount!

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How does it feel to help doctors around the world treat COVID-19 patients more effectively?

It certainly feels good, and it feels even better when those solutions will also prevent future shortages or glitches of lifesaving equipment long after this pandemic ends.

Two of Helpful’s open-source projects, Project OpenVent Bristol and Project Tetra, are almost there. Next step – prototypes.

Project OpenVent Bristol was created to address the ventilator shortage in the developing countries. The project’s team of volunteers has been working on developing cost-effective, simple ventilators that can be manufactured rapidly. The final design will be tested against FDA and MHRA requirements at the UK National Physical Laboratory.

Project Tetra is creating a ventilator splitting device that allows one machine to support two to four patients. Their product combines airflow splitting with monitoring and a flow control system and allows patients to be attached or detached safely without disturbing airflow to other patients attached to their own individual circuits. The product will be useful beyond the pandemic, particularly in mass-casualty events at hospitals or even in ambulances.

Your donations will help both projects develop and test prototypes of their innovations. You can direct your donation to a project of your choice, and our generous donor, Public Invention, will match every dollar donated, up to $3,050, thus helping us reach our goal of $6,100.